Hempうどん ほうばい 160g 2人前 <有機認証 麻の実使用>



 麻ノ実 饂飩 ほうばい HEMP UDON "HOUBAI" 















Introducing the world's first hemp udon.

After years of trial and error,

our hempudon will finally be released.



Profile of"Houbai" .

Born in Takamatsu city, Kagawa pregecture, I grew up on udon and became an  unrivalled Sanuki Udon lover. Now living in Tosa, Kochi, Prefecture, a land rich in nature, I'm an udon shop owner running an eco-organic, home made local udon shop using a traditional wood burning stove.

In tokushima at the foot of Tsurugi mountain, there is a researcher of Awainbe who is also an owner of Yamato Noodle Factory, Using their traditional manufacturing technology we have created the perfect Shikoku noodle.


Hemp is rapidly gaining attention as healthy and edible food. Top athletes are using it regularly and it is highly recommended for vegans. Try these healthy and delicious noodles at home. 




Hempうどん ほうばい 160g 2人前 <有機認証 麻の実使用>

  • 特別栽培小麦(オーストラリア産)/ 天日塩(国産) /最高級ごま油(国産)/剣山(ツルギザン)系の良質な軟水 /有機認証取得したヘンプシードプロテイン麻の実炭白(カナダorオーストラリア産)

    Specially grown wheat(Australia) / Natural sald(Japan domestic) / High-grade sesame oil(Japan domestic) / High quality soft water of Mt.Tsurugi system/ And organic certified hemp seed protein, hemp real charcoal white(Canadian or Australian).